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"...I don’t want to continue hearing talk about what they’re going to do and they never do it. I want to have leadership that has the experience and has gone through it to know what needs to be done and they do it and I believe that’s Eric Strong. Period!”
— Stevie Wonder

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“As L.A. County Sheriff, my mission will be to enhance your safety, protect victims of crime, and rid the Department of a culture that has allowed deputy gangs to fester. Together, we can and will make this a world-class department that will enhance safety and justice, have accountability to the people, be transparent, and make Los Angeles County proud.”
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Meet Eric Strong

Over his nearly 30-year career in public safety, Eric Strong has led units across virtually every function of law enforcement, including patrol, courts, custody, training, youth programs, investigations, Internal Affairs, risk management, and auditing. He has also commanded a patrol station the Advocacy Bureau and the Audit and Accountability Bureau.

While his professional experience sets him apart, Eric’s personal experience is what gives him a 360-degree perspective of the needs of community and law enforcement, and enables him to lead LA County at this critical time.

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