About Eric Strong

“I believe Los Angeles is in need of change, I think Eric Strong is the man to provide that”

-Lauren Daniels

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Eric has a very diverse mixture of people and professions that support him. Below are just a few of the wonderful people:


Burbank Democratic Club

Culver City Democratic Club

Democrats for Neighborhood Action (DNA)

ILWU Local 13

LA Forward

MLK Democratic Club

North Valley Democratic Club

Progressive Asian Network for Action

Progressive Democratic Club

Santa Monica Democratic Club

Stonewall Democratic Club

Elected & Community Leaders

Mike Bonin

Los Angeles City Councilmember

Nithya Raman

Los Angeles City Councilmember

Jorge Marquez

Councilmember City of Covina

James Costos

US Ambassador

James Wally Brewster

US Ambassador

Jasmyne Cannick


Joe Gatlin

San Pedro NAACP Vice-President

Joseph Luis Piñon

President of the Progressive Democratic Club

Skipp Townsend

Community Activist Interventionist

Bruce McCall


Calvin Blakely


Gregory Sanders


Charles Harris


Phil Allen


Stevie Wonder

Activist & Musician

Bishop Henry Hearns


Lancaster Mayor

Emily Gordon

Writer, Producer


LA Progressive

“As a faculty in the Criminology and Justice Studies Department at California State University, Northridge, I endorse the pursuit of Los Angeles County Sheriff for Eric Strong. His passion and dedication to his community shines through his great work and intentions for a safe and better environment for us all.”

-Dr. Brandon Harris Educator – Professor USC/Cal State Northridge

Law Enforcement

Jim Boyd

Marine Corps League Sgt at Arms (GySgt/USMC ret.)

Ramona Cook

USMC Camp Pendleton Sergeant Major (ret.)

Robert Page

Law Enforcement/USMC/Fire Commissioner (ret.)

Androy Senegar


George Johnston

Corona PD Chief (ret.)

Joseph Del Duca

NYPD Deputy Inspector (ret.)

Thomas Taflinger

Honolulu PD Major

Daniel Junior

Director Miami Dade Corrections

Mark Metcalf

Law Enforcement (ret.)

Blasé Austin

Law Enforcement

Robert "Bobby" Lyons

Retired Sergeant, Major Crimes Bureau

Chris Goff

Detective Sgt.

Alex Fox

Law Enforcement

Alisha Williams

Law Enforcement

Blase Austin

Law Enforcement

Anthony Hall

Law Enforcement

Bettye Jones

Law Enforcement

Brendalin Smiley

Law Enforcement

Brian Bavis

Law Enforcement

Calvin Smith

Law Enforcement

Carl Smith

Law Enforcement

Cat Chavers

Law Enforcement

Caterina Abney

Law Enforcement

Chris Hadnot

Law Enforcement

Kim Hadnot

Law Enforcement

Frederick Reynolds

Sgt. Homicide (ret.) / Author

Giles Wright

Sgt. (ret)

Jelani Harrison

Law Enforcement

John Twine

Law Enforcement

LaVonce Jeffries

Law Enforcement

Lendell Johnson

Law Enforcement

Tina Fleming

Law Enforcement

“We Need leaders like Eric to win.”

-Eric Hirshberg


  • Aaron Johnson
  • Albert Myles – Longshoreman
  • Alex Fox
  • Al Preston III
  • Andre Pierson
  • Angie Clay
  • Anita Provence
  • Anne McGrail
  • Anngee Holloway
  • Arnetta Goree
  • Arnetta Goree
  • Arnetta Goree
  • Art Diaz
  • Atara King
  • Ayana L. Stykes
  • Barbara J Adams
  • Barbara J Adams
  • Brian Washington
  • Bruce Mccall
  • Calvin Smith
  • Carol Rogers
  • Carol williams
  • Chris Cobb
  • Chris Parr
  • Christopher Cathcart
  • Clarence Williams
  • Clinton Dotson
  • Craig Love – Business Owner
  • Damon Cagnolatti
  • Damon Jones
  • Dana Lawson
  • Daniel Leal
  • Daniel Passage
  • Dan Passage
  • Darlene Weldon
  • Darryl Scott
  • Darryl Scott
  • Daryle "D" DuPree
  • Daryle Dupree
  • davette butler
  • Davette Butler
  • David Edwards
  • David Hooks
  • Deborah Francis
  • Devoux Grant
  • Diana Germano
  • Diane Johnson
  • Dimario Nava
  • Dion Ingram
  • Donna Green
  • Dr. Jamie Miller
  • Dr. Ronald Welch
  • Dr Ed Armstrong
  • Eric Hirshberg
  • Eric Klusman
  • Eva Jackson
  • Eva Torres
  • Evelyne Salzmann
  • Evelyne Salzmann
  • Frank Van Heule
  • Gallagher Goodland
  • Gary J Winfield
  • Greta Wallace
  • Hamid Foroughmand
  • Isaiah A. Galarza
  • James Lee
  • Jami Carrignton
  • Jane Johnson
  • Janna Payne Moseley
  • Jeff
  • John Henderson
  • Jonay Andrews
  • Joseph DelDuca
  • Karla Romero
  • Karl Rashad
  • Kathy Thomas
  • Kavonni Browning
  • Keith Tillman
  • Ken Estin
  • Kevin Holmes
  • Kindred Gottlieb
  • Kris Carter
  • Lauren Daniels
  • Leland Jameison
  • Leroy K Cook
  • Lorraine Johnson
  • Lyle Hollins
  • Lynne Meyer
  • Magnus Hollo
  • Maritza Thomas
  • Mark Edwards
  • Mark Gordon
  • Mark Metcalf
  • Marta Ferguson
  • Mary Hayes
  • Michael Kranther
  • Michael Verlich
  • Michelle Clay
  • Mickey Newson
  • Miesha McClendon
  • Norma Seber
  • Pamela Wallace-LaCava
  • Raushanah Walker
  • Raymond V Brown Sr.
  • Renee Sherriff
  • Rob Gallinger
  • Rodney Jones
  • Roland Arceneaux – Sultan Drinks
  • Ronald Welch
  • Ron Baldwin
  • Ruth Jerrnigan
  • Ryan Raether
  • Samuel McKee
  • Samuel Sánchez
  • Samuel Sánchez
  • Samuel Sánchez
  • Sandra Madera
  • Sarah Grout
  • Sarah Grout
  • Sarah Grout
  • Sef Wiles
  • Sharon Mclucas
  • Shelley Harvey
  • Simone Morris
  • Stephanie Page-Mack
  • Steven J Washington
  • Susan Grant
  • Susan Nelson
  • Suzanne Patterson
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Tamla Milton
  • Terry Brown
  • Traci Smith
  • Trayci nelson
  • Tyrone Hamilton
  • Tyrone johnson
  • Vaughn Harris
  • Vernetta Jackson
  • Vic Landry
  • Victor Finley
  • Victor Gray
  • Victoria Zuniga
  • Wayne Hoover
  • Zandra Hawes
  • Ziggy

*Titles used for identification purposes only.