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Eric Strong Supports Charter Amendment Calling For Stronger Oversight Of Sheriff


Unlike the incumbent, I believe that no sheriff should oppose or resist accountability and oversight. This is especially true if we’re doing our job. As I always say, if we are doing what we are supposed to, when we’re supposed to, how we’re supposed to, then it doesn't matter who is watching.

As Sheriff, I would have no concerns about these amendments being in place but I do understand why the current sheriff would.


New Challenger To Sheriff Villanueva Promises To Root Out 'Deputy Gangs'


L.A. Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Strong, a nearly 30-year veteran of law enforcement, announced today that he will challenge embattled Sheriff Alex Villanueva in next year’s election. If successful, he would become the county's first Black sheriff.

“The leadership of this department is unwilling to even acknowledge the existence of gangs in our ranks, and that has left the community’s trust in the Sheriff’s Department in tatters,” Strong told a news conference outside the sheriff’s headquarters at the Hall of Justice.


Eric Strong Runs for LA County Sheriff with Close to 30 Years of Law Enforcement Experience


With almost 30 years of LA-based law enforcement and much of his experience coming from working within community-based assignments, internal oversight and accountability positions, Strong believes he brings in a different set of skills that the policing of today’s world needs.

“As society goes through stages, so does policing,” said Strong. “I think all too often we try to separate the two, community and police, and that’s part of the problem. This ‘Us vs. Them’ dialogue that has been going on for so long has to change.”


New ‘Reform’ Candidate in LA County Sheriff’s Race Pledges Fight Against ‘Gangs’ of Deputies


Lieutenant Eric Strong announced his campaign Monday for LA County Sheriff and promised to investigate and end rumored “gangs” of deputies within the department. Strong has been in law enforcement for almost 30 years, graduating from the FBI’s National Academy at Quantico, and presently serving on the board of Police Against Racism.

“Leadership. That crisis of leadership has interfered with a course of calls for a modern and more transparent LA County Sheriff’s Department. It has undermined our honorable profession’s ability to deliver on our promise of a more safe and a more just future for Los Angeles,” Lt. Strong said during his speech.